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Smiling Count

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The Smiling Count is a Chaos Space Marine Apothecary, who served in Fabius Bile's Consortium.[1a]


He was known to constantly chuckle and was considered a lunatic by his fellow Consortium member Skalagrim Phar. The Smiling Count was later among the few Consortium members who stayed by Fabius Bile's side in 992.M37, as the Coven of the Thirteen Scars' waged a hunt to destroy him. His attempts to stop the Haemonculi ended in failure, leaving Bile with few resources and a need for allies to help him. The Count and the remaining Consortium were sent as messengers on his behalf, though the Apothecary told Bile it was likely too late to do any good. Nonetheless Bile made sure the Count took his task seriously and the Apothecary sought the aid of the Choir of Tears.[1a] However, the Choir did not take part in the final battle against the Coven of the Thirteen Scars and it is not known what became of the Smiling Count.[1b]