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Smoke launcher

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Smoke launcher on a Vindicator.[1]

Smoke Launchers are used by all Imperial forces and the Chaos Space Marines as a vehicle upgrade.[2]

They are effectively small grenade launchers mounted to the front of vehicles loaded with smoke charges. They temporarily hide the vehicle behind a wall of smoke and is useful for providing cover, especially when the vehicle is out in the open. With the concept of their use stretching back to ancient Terra, smoke launchers allow for hasty retreats or sudden assaults. Many smoke launchers are single-use items, and must be replaced when expended. The overall coverage if some variants is 15 meters.[3][4]

Frag Defender

A simple but effective modification of the standard smoke launcher, when activated by the vehicle's commander or gunne,r frag defenders explode upwards in a shower of hot shards that patter harmlessly off the tank’s hull but are far more lethal to anyone foolish enough to be attacking the tank in melee. Many frag defenders are single-use items, and must be replaced after each use.[4]

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