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Snagga-snagga was an Ork Warboss. Originally a Feral Ork under the commander of Warboss Bogga-bogga, in the Baran War his master would be slain by Eldar Striking Scorpions. Snagga-snagga then emerged as the principle Ork warlord in the aftermath of Bogga-bogga's death and the rout of Ork forces on the planet. He organized the disparate Ork warbands into one massive Waaagh! consisting of hundreds of thousands of Boyz. Snagga-snagga even oversaw the construction of two Ork Gargants. However, he would be defeated by a surprise Eldar attack led by Biel-Tan's Autarch Mauryon. The Eldar Autarch killed Snagga-snagga at the height of the battle, plunging his Power spear through the Ork's chest.[1]

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