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Sol Ba'ken

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This page contains spoilers for: Tome of Fire (Novel Series)

Sol Ba'ken is the current Captain of the 7th Company of the Salamanders Chapter[4] and its Master of Recruits.[5]


Prior to ascending to his current rank, Ba'ken was the heavy weapons trooper of Sergeant Dak'ir's Tactical Squad in the Third Company.[6]

Trunk-necked and slab-shouldered, Ba'ken was immense even for an Astartes. He was also Dak'ir's closest friend. Following Dak'ir's removal from his position as squad sergeant to be trained by Pyriel as an Lexicanium, Ba'ken was promoted as the squad's new sergeant.[2] Dak'ir told his close friend that he could think of no one better to lead the squad in his place. As a sergeant, Ba'ken was noted for his use of a hand-crafted piston-hammer, personally crafted in the forges of Mount Deathfire.[1]

During the Dragon-Strife, in which the Chaos Sorcerer Nihilan led an armada of Chaos renegades, including his own warband - the Dragon Warriors, and Dark Eldar, to lay siege to Nocturne in the hope of recovering arcane knowledge and destroying his former chapter, the Master of Arms of the Salamanders 7th Company, Prebian, was wounded by Zek Tsu'gan who was under the influence of an arcane piece of technology that was controlling his actions. Following a titanic battle across the walls of the sanctuary city Hesiod, in which Prebian, perceiving Tsu'gan's actions for what they really were, sought to prise the implant of Tsu'gan's face, Prebian was overcome and severely wounded by Tsu'gan.[3] In the aftermath of these events, to aid Prebian, Sol Ba'ken was promoted to the command of the 7th Company and tasking with the rebuilding of the weakened Salamanders.[4]


While serving with the Third Company, Ba'ken wielded a heavy flamer that he had forged himself.[6]

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