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Solar Cults

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The Solar Cults are organisations that were formed by the ancient Eldar at Port Commoragh and similar labyrinth dimensions in the Webway. They formed in a time when the Eldar began practicing self-indulgence with many of these individuals forming their own shadow society within the Webway. Their sovereign estates and sub-realms were lighted by the power of stolen suns that began in the years c. M18-M20. By c. M33, the Fall of the Eldar had given birth to the Chaos God Slaanesh and the Dark Eldar formed their own separate society based at the Dark City. In this year, the Solar Cults which controlled the stolen suns rose in power and influence where they declared war on the noble houses. This saw them plunge Commoragh into permanent night with aerial conflicts erupting between the two sides that lasted for centuries. Ultimately, the noble houses won this war and the Solar Cults were defeated.[1]