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Solari Anchorage

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The Solari Anchorage is an enormous combination of Star Fort and deep-void docks, which served as a major base for the Imperial Navy's Battlefleet Charadon.[1]

It is located within the Metalica System and played a major part in the System's defense, as it contained a sizable Naval fleet. However when the Charadon Campaign began, Lieutenant-Heraldus Lihua Sheradane departed with most of the fleet to engage Typhus's Chaos forces. A small fleet, led by the Emperor Battleship Mercy of the Blade, remained to guard the Anchorage, which was under the command of Rear-Admiral Vordkin. This proved to be an inadequate defence, when Typhus surprised the Imperium by invading the Metalica System via The Sore Warp tunnel. The tunnel had suddenly materialized within the System, and caught its defenders off-guard, as Typhus forces appeared and prepared to invade the Forge World Metalica. First, though, the Traveller intended to deal with anything that stood in his way and this included the Solari Anchorage. As Typhus' fleet advanced upon it, Rear-Admiral Vordkin knew the Mercy of the Blade's fleet could not stop the invaders. Rather than have the fleet be destroyed, Vordkin sent the Blade away, with as as many warships and support craft that could escape with it in time. Soon after the fleet departed, Typhus' warships came into range of the Anchorage's weaponry and it relentlessly fired upon them. However, the Traveller's fleet weathered the Star Fort's fire and boarded it. Vordkin and his Naval Armsmen fought valiantly to defend the Anchorage, but they were killed by the unending Chaos hordes. After the last defender was slain, the Solari Anchorage was taken by Typhus.[1]