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Solaris Light Cruiser

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Solaris Class Light Cruiser

The Solaris class is a class of Eldar light cruiser.


Unfortunately for many captains, it is easily mistaken for the Aurora class and this has led to many tactical mistakes. It has the typical large solar sail at the rear and was first identified by the Imperium during anti-pirate operations in the Yurol Nebula. The force was designed to push the forces of Prince Ilmarth of the Soul Reavers pirates onto the guns of a second fleet, though the battle was in trouble from the beginning.[1]

The high speed of the Solaris, coupled with its high strength Eldar Weapons Batteries (with limited traverse similar to the Aurora) allowed them to battle with Imperial escorts within the asteroid belt of the Arikar System. Finding themselves outgunned, the Imperial escorts retreated to the main fleet and the plan changed to a blockade of the Arikar system, but the speed of the Solaris vessels made this blockade impossible to maintain and after an ineffective year the blockade was lifted and the Soul Reavers are still at large in the Yurol Nebula.[1]

Later it was found that just a force of three Solaris class and six smaller vessels managed to hold the Arikar system against the Imperial fleet. The Eldar were led by the Void Serpent.[1]

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