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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Name: Solemnace Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum (Eastern Fringe)[1]
Population: Billions in stasis-crypts[7a]
Affiliation: Necrons (Nihilakh Dynasty)[1]
Class: Tomb World[1]

Solemnace is a Necron Tomb World located in the Eastern Fringe.[1]


Solemnace is a Tomb World ruled by Trazyn the Infinite[7a], an Overlord of the Nihilakh Dynasty[4]. Its galleries are famous for displaying some of the greatest artifacts and technological wonders in the galaxy[1] and have been visited by Necrons of almost every dynasty before the Great Sleep.[7b] The Tomb World is also known to contain one of the greatest document collection in the galaxy, such is his size that even rivals the Black Library of the Aeldari.[7b]

The planet itself is an artificial construct, essentially a planet-sized Dyson Sphere whose outer shell consists of untold amounts of nano-machines. A series of "mirrors" exist above the planet which collect Solemnace's excess energy and redirect it back to form an artificial sun and atmosphere. Beneath the outer nano-shell are vast prismatic galleries, where Trazyn's many collections exist in suspended animation.[5a]

Solemnace is mostly dormant, with Trazyn only needing a small team to help him manage the planet. Among his team, he employs Architect-wraiths[7a], Lychguards[8], and an Arch-Cryptek called Sannet who serves as Chief Cryptek and the curator of the Solemnace collection.[7c][8]


Solemnace is thought to long predate Humanity's first foray into the stars.[5a]

Later, Fabius Bile and affiliated forces arrived on the world in search of long-lost Emperor's Children Gene-Seed. Fabius' clone of Fulgrim was traded to Trazyn in exchange for the gene stock.[5b] During the 13th Black Crusade, Warp disturbances created instability across Solemnace and forced Trazyn to come to the aid of the Imperium.[6]

In M41, it lay in the path of two minor tendrils of Hive Fleet Behemoth. The tendrils made course corrections to deliberately avoid Solemnace and eventually lapsed into hibernation after finding themselves unable to pinpoint any nutrient-rich prey worlds.[4]

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