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Solemnus Crusade

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The Solemnus Crusade was a Black Templars Crusade, formed in 999.M41 to seek vengeance against the Ork Warboss Morkrull Grimskar for razing the Templars' Chapter Keep on the world of Solemnus.[1][2]


The Crusade however soon experienced difficulties when despite grievously wounding Grimskar, Emperor's Champion Ansgar was captured by the wounded Warboss, who used the Templars own equipment to turn himself into a Cybork. The Black Templars retaliated by forming a strikeforce under Dreadnought Jarold to find and retrieve Ansgar and his relics. The Crusade eventually tracked Grimskar to Armageddon and joined the Imperial war effort in the Third War for Armageddon. After being joined by the lost Crimson Fists Dreadnought Rhodomanus, the Astartes began their attack on Grimskar's camp. There they found an Ork Stompa and Tellyporta array, and realizing that the Orks intended to send these machines straight into Imperial forces the Templars fought with an even more determined fury. The Templars eventually called down a Torpedo bombardment by an orbiting Strike Cruiser, but despite destroying the Ork encampment Grimskar managed to escape.[1]

The survivors of the crusade subsequently moved into Armageddon's Equatorial Jungle, pursuing Grimskar. There, they encountered a group of Relictors led by Oberon Eurys, and together the two groups of Space Marines attempted to defeat the Ork Warboss. However, Grimskar escaped again,[2a] and part of the Solemnus Crusade as well as the Relictor group instead discovered a Warp Gate which was connected to the First War for Armageddon.[2c] After overcoming a horde of Orks and time-displaced World Eaters of the Foresworn, the Imperials closed the gate. However, Oberon Eurys captured one of the Foresworn's daemonic weapons during the battle. Horrified, the Solemnus Crusade Chaplain Wolfram demanded that the Relictors surrender the corrupted weapon, and when they refused, the former allies fell upon each other. The result of this clash remained unclear.[2b]