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Sonic Dreadnought

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A Sonic Dreadnought fighting Orks

A Sonic Dreadnought is a Chaos Dreadnought aligned to Slaanesh and equipped with sonic weaponry.[1][2]


Sonic Dreadnoughts are a variant of the Ferrum Infernus pattern. They are used by Chaos Space Marines serving Slaanesh, particularly the Emperor's Children. These vehicles are outfitted with destructive sonic weapons such as oversized Dirge Casters and twin-linked Blastmasters.[1]

Only Noise Marines who are willing to give up all physical sensation upon interment, can be trusted to pilot a Sonic Dreadnought without growing unstable.[2d]

Known Sonic Dreadnoughts

Previous editions

For a Slaaneshi Chaos Marine to be interred within a Sonic Dreadnought is an especially grisly fate, for it robs them of the pleasures of the flesh, driving them completely insane.[1]


Sonic Dreadnought miniature