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Sons of Dorn

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2drones.gif This article is about the Space Marine chapter; for the Novel by Chris Roberson, see Sons of Dorn (Novel).

The Sons of Dorn are a Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists.[Needs Citation]

Marine Basic Data
Sons of Dorn SMC.jpg
- Sons of Dorn -
Founding Chapter: Imperial Fists[Needs Citation]
Founding: Unknown founding, M34[Needs Citation]
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Archea
Colours: White and black
Specialty: Unkown
Strength: Full strength
Battle Cry: Unknown


The Sons of Dorn homeworld is Archea, located in the Segmentum Solar. Arhcea is characterized by a temperate climate and a society of several billion, the culture of which is similar to the Renaissance period of ancient Terra. In particular, Arhcean society is known for its sophisticated forms of government and art.[Needs Citation]


Details of the Chapter's history are sparse.[Needs Citation]

Most notably, the Sons of Dorns' second Chapter Master, Alexander, liberated a large number of worlds near the Eye of Terror from Chaos. Alexander served for six centuries before falling to an infection caused by a Plague Sword. The worlds he liberated continue to revere the Chapter to this day out of gratitude and have since developed cultures similar to that of Archea. It is unclear whether the development of these cultures was imposed or occurred organically.[Needs Citation]

There are virtually no records available for the Chapter during the Age of Apostasy. Afterwards, when the Chapter once again appears on record, the Sons of Dorn demonstrated a significantly heightened dedication to the Emperor of Mankind. A number of theories have been formulated by Imperial scholars to explain what caused this change in the Chapter. The most popular theory involves civil war during the unknown years of the Apostasy for which their newly zealous faith seeks to compensate, hide or otherwise address.[Needs Citation]

The Chapter is currently engaged around the Eye of Terror, protecting the worlds liberated by Alexander millennia ago.[Needs Citation]

Combat Doctrine

The Sons of Dorn adhere to the Codex Astartes. However, notable deviations include inheriting the famous stubborness from the geneseed of their progenitor Chapter, the Imperial Fists, and being particularly adept in close combat.[Needs Citation]

Some martial practices of the Chapter involve cultural significance in addition to military utility. For example, Sons of Dorn carry a Gladius into battle to honor the native warriors of Archea. This practice is in keeping with the Imperial Fists' special emphasis on swords, as codified in the Book of Five Spheres, but adapted to the cultural context of Archea.[Needs Citation]

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