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Sons of Helios

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Sons of Helios
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Unknown
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Dragomir[1b]
Homeworld: Tocharion (former)[1b]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Gold[1b]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Battle Cry Unknown

The Sons of Helios were a Space Marine Chapter[1a] which unknowingly caused themselves to fall to Chaos.[1b]


This page contains spoilers for: Mephiston: Revenant Crusade (Novel)

The Credo of this Chapter is in preserving purity of mind and avoiding the psychic arts. They are stoic and martial Chapter and this fact is literally saved most of them during the Great Rift appearing in the late M41, when their home planet — Tocharion was possessed and devoured by the Rift.[1b]

Warrior of the Sons of Helios wear a tribal-looking tattoo on their face, and the body of Chapter Master almost completely covered in black lines. Often brothers of this Chapter have a long, carefully plaited beard that they hide under their armour when needed but proudly allow it to tumble across their chest during the mundane conversations.[1b]

The last of their strongholds — Saarik Station, renamed to The Horns of the Abyss which in the past was orbiting the planet of Tocharion and now hung near the Great Rift itself, was conquered by the Chaos forces. However a small garrison of the Sons of Helios remained on the station, so Dragomir asked the AntrosLibrarian of the Blood Angels to help him to reclaim The Horns of the Abyss and save his brothers.[1b]

When they reached the station, they found that their brothers became a foul Plague Marines so Sons of Helios were forced to destroy them. Meanwhile 'The Horns of the Abyss' plunged to the Great Rift and Antros was overflowing with raw energy and started to fall to Black Rage. He was saved by Dragomir and other Sons of Helios who humbly prayed, muttering the mantra 'We dream, dreaming, dreamed'. Annowingly to Antros this was a phrase of the Tzeentchian Dameon which Sons of Helios named as a The Sleepless Mile thinking that this is only a sort of spiritual practice not a tricky daemon creature's deeds. So they 'saved' Antros who immediately set off back to Mephiston with a news of a great founding - the 'cure of the Black Rage'.[1b]

Returning to his ship, Dragomir had a vision were he clearly understand that he was tricked by Daemon and led his Chapter to damnation. Though it was too late to change something.[1b]

Other Details

Chapter badge - is a stylised sun. Also they have little mirrors which they see as a symbol of their 'purity' practice.[1b]

Notable Battles

Known Members

  • Koloch — former Sergeant. Fall to Chaos on The Horns of the Abyss and became Plague Marine. Was killed by Dragomir.[1b]

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