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Sons of Jormungandr

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Symbol of the Sons of Jormungandr

The Sons of Jormungandr is a Genestealer Cult.[1]

The Sons, as they call themselves, hail from a string of infested space stations that stretch across the Black Nebula. They worship the resurgent Hive Fleet that coils through the Thalassi Sector like some impossibly vast serpent. Using the relative privacy of orbital stations to mask their spread, the Sons prepare for the day when their patron Jormungandr reclaims its lost Patriarch, and in doing so, swallows the sector whole.[1]

The vector of infection used by the Sons is inspired by their Hive Fleet deities; where the Tyranid ships fill hollow asteroids with egg-like spores and hurl them at planets, the Sons stow away on bulk freighters and cargo ships. Wherever possible, they set upon their foes from the air, descending in stolen aircraft.[2]


Hybrid Neophyte of the Sons of Jormungandr