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Sons of Sek

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A Son of Sek
Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos warband; for the Short story by John French, see Son of Sek.

The Sons of Sek were a Chaos warband, modeled on the Blood Pact, but loyal to Magister Anakwanar Sek. Like the Blood Pact, the Sons of Sek were organized and disciplined in a manner similar to the Imperial Guard, with additional refinements devised by Sek - for instance, the Sons of Sek incorporated an analogue to the Imperial Guard's commissariat, which the Blood Pact did not.

Apart from being a highly effective fighting force, Sek created the Sons of Sek with the intent of eventually mounting a coup against the forces of Archon Urlock Gaur, giving Sek command of the Chaos forces in the Sabbat Worlds.[1] The Sons of Sek were primarily formed and trained on the Chaos-held world of Gereon, until the reconquest of that world by Imperial forces.[2]


A Son of Sek[3]

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