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Sons of the Cyclops

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The Sons of the Cyclops are a warband of the Black Legion named after the Primarch Magnus the Red.

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Sons of the Cyclops -
Origin: Thousand Sons
Chaos dedication: Tzeentch
Colours: Black, Blue
Strength: Unknown

Perhaps the smallest warband within the Legion devoted to a single God of Chaos, they consist of Sorcerers and Rubric Marines. They nonetheless hold a disproportionate power within the Black Legion as some of Abaddon's most trusted advisers make up its leadership, most notably Ygethmor and Zaraphiston.[1]

They took part in the Diamor Campaign as a part of the Hand of Xorphas — army of Chaos Sorcerer Xorphas.[2]

Known Sons of the Cyclops

  • Vashandis, Scryer of the Ninth Path, claims to be blessed by Tzeentch[3]

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