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Sons of the Emperor (Anthology)

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Sons of the Emperor
Author Various
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy: The Primarchs
Released March 2018

Sons of the Emperor is an anthology novel Black Library Publishing. Part of The Primarchs series, the book is limited edition and was distributed at the Horus Heresy Weekender 2018 convention.


The Passing of Angels

When a world resistant to the nascent Imperium of man unleashes weapons of heinous and proscribed provenance, Sanguinius gathers the Destroyer host. As his sons wage war behind their death masks, able to leave the taint of their bloody deeds behind them, Sanguinius alone must bear the burden of the souls he has reaped.

Written by John French.

The Abyssal Edge

When an archivist uncovers an unthinkable truth, he comes to the attention of the First Captain of the Night Lords the dreaded Prince of Crows himself. Terrified yet enrapt, Ulatal listens as Sevatar tells him of Zoah and the moment when Konrad Curze and Magnus almost went to war.

Written by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Mercy of the Dragon

As the Emperor comes to Nocturne in the guise of the Outlander, he tells Vulkan of his destiny in the stars as one of His primarchs. But the Lord of Drakes is hesitant to leave his world unprotected and so the Emperor must convince him of the worthiness of His Crusade.

Written by Nick Kyme.

Shadow of the Past

Dark Apostle Kalta-Ar seeks to raise a religious monument to gain his primarch's favour. But when warriors of the Legion begin to die in suspicious circumstances, he learns something has come hunting. Its prey is not the legionaries slaughtered by its hands, but the one who they call father, the Daemon Primarch Lorgar.

Written by Gav Thorpe.

The Emperor's Architect

A pair of Remembrancers tasked with chronicling the lives and histories of the primarchs journey to Olympia to meet with the formidable Perturabo. They are ill-prepared for what they find, however, as they discover the truth about the Lord of Iron and his intimidating legend.

Written by Guy Haley.

Prince of Blood

Aboard the flagship Conqueror, the legionaries and mortal crew face a slow and terrible death, driven insane by thirst or to increasing acts of violence. Their only hope lies with Kharn, who will risk anything to save the fleet and a primarch slowly succumbing to madness. For Kharn knows the blood must flow...

Written by L.J. Goulding.

The Ancient Awaits

Impelled by the Crimson King, Vistario of the Thousand Sons Legion journeys to a nameless world with two of his fellow Sorcerers, where they find the ruins of a city lost to myth and a labyrinth of catacombs that harbour a long forgotten secret. The Ancient awaits, but for whom?

Written by Graham McNeill.


After months of peaceful compliance's, a world willingly and gratefully accept the Imperial Truth and the auspice of the Emperor of Mankind, the outpost Velich Tarn refuses to submit without bloodshed. Its subjugation falls to Captain Sejanus, but when the enemy's resistance proves the equal of this even vaunted commander, Horus himself enters the fray...

Written by Dan Abnett.