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Sons of the Forge (Novella)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Horus Heresy book; for the Chaos Space Marine warband, see Sons of the Forge.
Sons of the Forge
Cover art
Author Nick Kyme
Performer Jonathan Keeble
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Preceded by Corax
Released November 2016
Pages 204
Length 6 hours 38 minutes
Collected in Born of Flame

Sons of the Forge is a novella by Nick Kyme. It is part of the Horus Heresy Series and was released online in November 2016.

Cover Description

Charged with a solemn duty by the primarch himself, Forgefather T'kell of the Salamanders prepares for what may well be his final journey. Along with a chosen few of the Legion’s elite Firedrakes, he must bear the last seven of Vulkan’s greatest weapons away to the secret vault known as the Wrought, putting them forever beyond the reach of treacherous enemy and well-intentioned ally alike. But word has already spread of these legendary artefacts, and there are many who would see T'kell's endeavour fail for their own gain – the Salamanders must remain true, no matter what horrors they might face...

Notable Characters

The XVIII Legion 'Salamanders'

The Shattered Legions

The XVI Legion 'Sons of Horus'

  • Vosto Kurnan, Captain
  • Rayko Solomus, Legionary torturer
  • Menatus
  • Nevok
  • Uziel
  • Hajuk
  • Morvek
  • Ezriah
  • Krede
  • Ezremas
  • Ghodak
  • Harkus
  • Renk, Apothecary

The Dark Mechanicum


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