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Sota-Nul was an Adept of the Dark Mechanicum during the Horus Heresy.

The highest ranked of the Nine Disciples of Kelbor-Hal, she became his ambassador in the aftermath of the death of Melgator during the Schism of Mars. Sota-Nul was originally dispatched with Horus' emissary Argonis during the Battle of Tallarn to discover the truth of Perturabo's activities.[1] She later reappeared during the later stages of the Heresy in the Trisolian System, delivering Horus' terms of surrender to loyalist Mechanicum forces including Belisarius Cawl.[2] Sota-Nul remained the primary emissary between Horus and Kelbor-Hal, helping Maloghurst in his attempts to restore the Warmaster following his fall on Beta-Garmon. By this point, Sota-Nul had been corrupted into a horrifying spider-like mechanical creature.[3] She appeared during the final stages of the Solar War at the head of a great Dark Mechanicum armada that broke the loyalist blockade of Mars. On the surface of Mars, she met Kelbor-Hal directly and knelt before him.[4] She later took part of the Siege of Terra, leading the Dark Mechanicus siege efforts on the surface.[5]