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Soul Binding

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The Soul Binding is a ritual conducted by the Adeptus Astra Telepathica of the Imperium, which is responsible for creating Astropaths.

Normal psykers are unable to transmit telepathic messages across vast distances through the warp. Astropaths undergo special training over many years before taking part in this special rite, where their minds are brought before the great psychic might of the Emperor himself. During this process, a portion of the Emperor's vast essence is transfered into that of the Astropath. The transference process is a traumatic experience, with not all being successful despite many years of training, with some not surviving and many that do lose much of their sanity. The most visible result of the Soul Binding is damage to the sensitive nerves of the eyes, which leaves almost all Astropaths blind. However, the ritual imparts them greater psychic skills which tends to make up for their lost eyesight and they tend to not act as if they are blind.[1]

Astropath training ultimately ends with this rite which is a techno arcane initiation ritual that greatly opens their minds to the warp.[2] The ritualistic soul binding to the Emperor can protect many psykers from the perils of the Warp.[5] The entities of the warp are a hideous threat to those psykers who have not undergone the Soul Binding ritual.[3] According to legend by M41, the first psyker to take part in the Soul Binding ritual was Malcador the Sigilite who became forever linked to the Master of Mankind.[4]