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Soul Grinder

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A Soul Grinder destroying a Rhino

The Soul Grinder is a daemonic war machine used by the daemons of Chaos, said to originate from the Forge of Souls.


In daemon armies, the Soul Grinder plays a role roughly equivalent to that of a battle tank in conventional armies. It is well armoured, appearing as a six-legged construct with a roughly humanoid upper body. There is a passing resemblance to the Chaos Defiler, but the background states that Defilers were commissioned by Ezekyle Abaddon while Soul Grinders are from the Forge of Souls. Soul Grinders possess impressive durability, firepower, and strength compared to the rank and file daemons.[Needs Citation]

In the ash plain outside the Forge of Souls, daemons battle each other for the chance of fusing with the mechanical constructs of the daemonic smiths. This is because, unlike mortal bodies, these steel and ceramite shells can sustain a daemon in realspace almost indefinitely. Before being released, each new Soul Grinder must take the Three Oaths of the Iron Pact with the Masters of the Forge:

  1. All the souls harvested by the great blades of the Soul Grinder will be used for the fuelling of the Forge
  2. All the wrecked remains of all war machines destroyed by the adamantium claws of the Soul Grinder will be offered to the Forge, and
  3. Should any of the Chaos Gods attack the Forge of Souls and try to rule it, the Soul Grinder must discard all of their previous loyalties and fight in its defence. [Needs Citation]


The Soul Grinder is armed with close combat weapons appropriate for it's size such as the Warpsword and Iron Claw, as well as other weapons such as the rapid firing Harvester Cannon and a deadly Mawcannon. It also can fire bolts from their single eye, known as Warp Gaze. Some can also vomit force a mass of mutating ichor over large distances, known as Phlegm Bombardment.[1]

Known Soul Grinders