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The Soulmaw is a warband of Chaos Daemons.[1]


In 122.M41 an event known as the Pradixus Incident took place which rendered the Astral Choir of Pradixus insane, to the point where they relentlessly chant the word "Soulmaw".[1]

In 568.M41 the Ultramarines Predator the Harbinger of Glory was decommissioned from service after the battle of Syrno Plains due to its data-banks being damaged from witnessing the Soul Grinder Ironheart crippling the Rhino Victis.[1]

Silver Skulls

In 892.M40 the Soulmaw engaged Space Marines of the Silver Skulls during the scouring of Ammas and the Soulmaw champion was reportedly destroyed by Librarian Lucius Clave. Years later in 954.M41, in what could be retribution for this event, an unidentified Daemonic warband, possibly the Soulmaw, assaulted a vassal world of the Silver Skulls known as Aragave, but then quickly vanished as soon as Silver Skulls forces arrived. With most of the chapter departed from their homeworld of Varsavia, Silver Skulls' Librarians suspect an imminent Daemonic attack on their homeworld.[1] In 956.M41, this attack came to fruition as the Silver Skulls homeworld soon came under siege, but the sparse farces deployed within their Fortress-Monastery managed to resist the attack.[2]