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The Soulspear is an arcane device that Rogal Dorn supposedly wielded himself. It was entrusted to the Soul Drinkers Chapter when the Imperial Fists Legion was split at the time of the Second Founding.[1a][1b]

At some point circa M40, the Soulspear was on board the Soul Drinkers flagship, the Sanctifier, when the ship was lost in a failed warp jump.[1b] The spear was lost over a thousand years before the Chapter discovered its whereabouts on an old derelict starfort.[1a] Upon invading the starfort and interrogating its owners, the Soul Drinkers made their way to a treasure vault in which the Soulspear was kept, where it was then stolen from their grasp by the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1b] Unknowingly to the Soul Drinkers, the crisis ensuing from this theft set in motion the events leading to the Soul Drinkers' status as Excommunicate Traitoris.[1c]

Later the Soul Drinkers recovered the Soulspear, and it was subsequently used by Sarpedon to slay Abraxes, a daemon of Tzeentch.[1d]