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Space Hulk (1st Edition)

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Space Hulk
Space Hulk 1st edition logo.jpg
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 1989
Players 2
The 1st edition of the game Space Hulk was released in 1989.

Box contents

  • 10 plastic Terminators
  • 20 plastic Genestealers
  • 49 corridors and sections
  • Rulebook
  • Mission book
  • Doors and templates
  • 5 dices


The mission book features six missions which can be played one after another in a campaign or separately.

  • Suicide Mission
  • Exterminate
  • Rescue
  • Cleanse and Burn
  • Decoy
  • Defend


In 1990, the game received two expansions, Deathwing and Genestealer which contained new rules, missions and miniatures. In 1991 Space Hulk Campaigns was released, a collection of campaigns, missions and rules which were originally printed in White Dwarf.