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Space Hulk (2nd Edition)

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The 2nd Edition of the Space Hulk board game was released in 1996 by Games Workshop.[1]

Space Hulk
Space Hulk Box 2.jpg
Designer Adrian Wood, Dean Bass, Chris Colston
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released April 1996
Scale 28mm
Players 2
Game time 90 mins
Preceded by Space Hulk (1st Edition)
Followed by Space Hulk (3rd Edition)


The second edition of Space Hulk features the Space Marine combat veteran of the 1st Company Terminators against Genestealer infestation on board huge space wrecks drifting through the warp and space called "Space Hulk". The box for the second edition incorporates the rules of the first edition of the game, to which minor changes were made. The main differences are: the hourglass and the time limits have disappeared, while he is no longer possible for the Space Marine player to play at the round of his opponent through action points. Finally, specific dice were added to resolve the jets of fire and determine the containment of weapons.[1]

This incarnation of Space Hulk features better board artwork and figurines. It features two identical plastic five-man Terminator squads with standard weaponry (4 carry storm bolters while 1 has the heavy flamer, 4 have power gloves except the sergeant who has a powersword).[1]

The second edition has no expansion packs, although additional scenarios and board sections were released in White Dwarf magazine, such as "Fangs of Fenris" which involves Wolf Guard Terminators of the Space Wolves Space Marines Chapter.

Box Contents

Box contents


Gaming equipment

Board sections

  • 4 input boxes for the Space Marines
  • 6 rooms
  • 20 corridors
  • 6 corner sections
  • 8 T-junctions
  • 20 crossing lanes
  • 20 doors and 4 walls
  • 4 Blind Alleys

Templates, Counters and Markers

Mission Book
  • 24 Genestealer blips
  • 3 "echo" blips
  • 24 templates
  • Two 'Flamer Reload' markers
  • 8 'Overwatched / Jam' markers
  • A 'Command Point' token
  • A turn marker
  • 2 'Toxin Canister' tokens
  • A 'Hulk Archive' tokens
  • A humidity controller ('Damping Controls') tokens
  • A computer console ('Console The Computer') tokens
  • An air recirculation ('Airpump System) token
  • A "C.A.T." token
  • A control panel board ('Computer Console') token


  • Two special 'shooting' dice
  • A special 'halted' die
  • 4 6-sided dice (1 red / 1 blue)


  • Rulebook (32 pages)
  • Mission Book (48 pages)