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Space Hulk (video game)

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Space Hulk
Developer Electronic Arts
Publisher Electronic Arts
Released 1993
Genre First-person shooter/Strategy
Plattform MS-DOS, Amiga

Space Hulk is a 1993 first-person shooter and strategy video game for MS-DOS and Amiga, developed and published by Electronic Arts. It serves as an adaptation to the board game of the same name. A sequel, Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels, was released in 1995. Space Hulk was remade and released in 2013 for Windows, Mac and iOS.[2]


The Dark Angels had repelled a Genestealer incursion in the Tolevi system many centuries ago. A Dark Angel hero, Captain Lithonius, was leading his men aboard the space hulk Sin of Damnation, when it vanished into the Warp. The player's squad of Deathwing Terminators is sent to investigate the Tolevi system for a Dark Angels' distress call. Genestealers have infested the planet Ma'Caellia, and the player's forces are ordered to destroy the aliens' Hive Mind. However, there are too many Genestealers, and the Marines are forced to withdraw. Without any other options, the Marines performed an Exterminatus on the planet using virus bombs. As they are doing so, the Sin of Damnation re-enters the system, and the player receives orders to invade the hulk. Aboard the vessel, the player's squads destroy the Genestealers' gene banks and their Patriarch. The last mission of the campaign (Code name: Avenged) tasks the player to control a lone Marine as he goes deep into the hulk to find and retrieve the Geneseed of Captain Lithonius.[1]

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