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Space Marine Bike Squad

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Use your Bike squads as a blade, striking the enemy and turning aside his counter-blows in equal measure. But in all things beware that speed is nothing without direction, just as even the mightiest weapon is worthless without careful aim.

A biker's stance should always be resolute and dauntless, but neer immobile or rigid. Speed is his advantage, and surprise his deadliest weapon. In fluidity he will find success, and in success shall he find renown.
Roboute Guilliman, quoted in the Apocrypha of Skaros.[1]

Space Marine Bike Squads are fast moving, light-attack units mounted on Space Marine Bikes.[1].


These squads are used by Space Marines for a variety of missions, including reconnaissance and breakthrough of enemy lines. Able to outflank enemy forces with ease, these Squads are often paired with Scout Squads or Land Speeder flights, but are more than capable of operating on their own.[1] For Chapters which follow the dictates of the Codex Astartes, all Assault Marines and Scouts are trained in how to operate a bike, as well as the entire 6th Company.[1]

A Bike Squad consists of a Sergeant and two to seven bikers on bikes, and may include two more bikers riding the same attack bike. In addition to the weapons mounted on their bikes, the Space Marines carry bolt pistols or chainswords, as well as frag and krak grenades. Some of the bikers may carry a flamer, grav-gun, meltagun, or plasma gun instead of a pistol, and the sergeant sometimes instead carries a power weapon or combi weapon, as needed. If present, the attack bike is armed with either a heavy bolter or multi-melta on its sidecar (the marine driving the bike is typically armed like the other bikers).[1]

Chapter Variants

Some Chapters do not abide by the Codex Astartes, and operate their Bike Squads in a different manner. The Dark Angels' 2nd Company, the Ravenwing, is completely mounted on Bikes, Attack Bikes, and Land Speeders.[2] The Salamanders use fewer companies, but with more Marines in each company, and so bikes only feature in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Companies.[3]

While the Space Wolves make use of Bike Squads, the only Wolves known to ride bikes are the Swiftclaws. Even then, only a few of them do this, as it is considered an overly headstrong approach to warfare.[4] At the opposite end of the spectrum, the White Scars are most famous for making heavy use of Bikes due to the open plains on which they train on Mundus Planus.[5]



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