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Space Marine Heroes

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Space Marine Heroes promotional header[1]


Space Marine Heroes was a range of push-fit miniatures of Warhammer 40000 Space Marines, available in blind-buy boxes for 5£/ per box. Each such box contains one miniature at random, along with its matching character card which acts as a painting reference and details the relative strengths of the character itself [1].

First released exclusively for the Japanese market, it was then made available to the rest of the world.[3]

Four ranges of characters have been released so far :

Some of those miniatures were made available outside of Japan trough the Space Marine Adventures boxed games:


Space Marines

The following character was allegedly released in Japan as an Ultramarine character named "Brother Toriad" in 2017[7]; it was made available trough Space Marine Adventures: Labyrinth of the Necrons in the rest of the world in 2019 under a different name :[6]

Blood Angels

Death Guard

Strike Force Justian