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Space Marine Honour Badges

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Honour badges are used by Space Marines to recognize battle prowess and to designate specialists, such as Apothecaries and Techmarines. Each honour badge has its own customs of display, but are typically worn, painted or embossed on the recipient's power armour. Some honours, such as the Iron Halo and Imperial Laurel, are commonly displayed on Space Marine Standards, particularly Chapter Banners.

List of Honours

Name Origin Summary Image
Aquila Ultramarines Honour badge proclaiming great wisdom. Awarded to Captain Cato Sicarius at the commencement of the Dantaro Campaign.[3b]
Aquila Token Achilus Crusade
Bloody Mantle Minotaurs [4f]
Blood Drops Blood Angels [6]
Citation for Fortitude Sons of Medusa [4e]
Crux Terminatus Codex Astartes
Crux Terminatus.png
Dagger Protectiva Black Templars [10]
Distinguished Service Skull Black Templars [10]
Enemy for Valour Fire Hawks This is the only honour known to be granted to enemy combatants.[4b]
Entry into the Chronicle of a "Death-Speaker" Executioners [4d]
Eternium Ultra Ultramarines Awarded to Captain Cato Sicarius, marking him as High Suzerain of Ultramar and defender of the eight systems of Ultramar.[3b]
Hands of the dead Imperial Fists The hands of fallen brothers are awarded to marines who have distingushed themselves in battle. The recipient then practice the art of scrimshaw upon the bones.[5]
Honorifica Valourum Ultramarines In recognition of exceptional bravery. Awarded to Captain Cato Sicarius for fighting Orks during the Battle for Dyzanyr.[3b]
Imperial Cross Black Templars
Imperial Laurel Codex Astartes
Imperial Laurel DWRB.jpg
Imperialis Codex Astartes
Imperialis DWRB.jpg
Iron Halo Codex Astartes
Iron Halo DWRB.jpg
Iron Skull Codex Astartes
Iron Skull DWRB.jpg
Laurel of Defiance Ultramarines [1g]
Laurel of Endurance Star Phantoms [4g]
Machina Opus Codex Astartes
Machina Opus.png
Marksman's Honour Codex Astartes
Markman's Honour DWRB.jpg
Medallion Immolatus Fire Hawks [1a]
Oath Seal Adeptus Astartes Was applied before a battle, commending the Space Marine to victory.[8]
Oath Seal.jpg
Order of Guilliman Novamarines [1f]
Order of the Black Cross Black Templars [10]
Order of the Fire of Ry'lan Salamanders [4c]
Order of Martyrdom Fire Angels [1c]
Order of the Sundering Star Marines Errant [1b]
Pennant Specularis Star Phantoms [4h]
Prime Helix Codex Astartes
Prime Helix DWRB.jpg
Principex Maxima Ultramarines [3a]
Purity Seal Codex Astartes
Purity Seal DWRB.jpg
Raptor Imperialis Imperial Fists/
presumably - other Legions
Indicated that its owner fought alongside the Emperor himself.[7]
Red Hand Minotaurs
Sanghuata Legiones Astartes Indicates status as a Consul-Opsequiari disciplinary officer.[1]
Service Studs Codex Astartes
Sigil of Prophecy Mantis Warriors [4a]
Tenebrae Astra Raptors [1d]
Triple Blood Drips Ultramarines [9]
Valour Crest Ultramarines Helmet crest, earned for acts of near-suicidal bravery. Awarded to Captain Cato Sicarius after the Battle for Fort Telendrar.[3b]
Victorex Alpha Ultramarines In recognition of exceptional valour. Awarded to Captain Cato Sicarius during the Siege of Rynneth V.[3b]
Writ Sanguinatus Mori Lamenters [1e]