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Space Marine Sergeant

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A Primaris Space Marine Veteran Sergeant wearing the traditional red helmet of his rank[Needs Citation]

The Codex Astartes dictates that every Space Marine Squad is to be led by a Space Marine Sergeant, a veteran of hundreds of battles, truly forged in the fires of war, who will lead his squad with an icy calm through the most dangerous of scenarios and emerge victorious.[Needs Citation]


To become a Sergeant, a Space Marine has to prove himself capable of keeping his nerves through the toughest of warzones, as well as being a formidable fighter. He has to be willing to make difficult decisions based on his instincts, and so only a few Space Marines have the required level of ability to take on this role.[Needs Citation]

Most Sergeants take to the field with different weapons from their squad mates. As a status symbol they often wield close combat weapons, especially Chainswords or Power Swords.[Needs Citation]


Scout Sergeants

Scout Sergeants both teach and lead squads of Space Marine Scouts. By passing on their skills and experience to future battle-brothers they are arguably among the most influential members of a Chapter.[2] In addition to teaching their charges how to fight and operate in the field, they are also responsible for keeping discipline and monitoring the Scouts' psychological and biological conditioning in the field (where they may be operating away from Chaplains and Apothecaries).[3]

A Scout Sergeant[Needs Citation]

Veteran Sergeants

Veteran Sergeants are Sergeants that, having received the Crux Terminatus, lead squads from the 1st Company. Veteran Sergeants are sometimes seconded to other company squads who can benefit from their experience and their access to advanced wargear.[Needs Citation]

Terminator Sergeant

Terminator Sergeants will lead anything from 4-9 Marines in a Terminator Squad or 3-9 Marines in a Terminator Command Squad.[1]

Terminator Sergeant[Needs Citation]



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