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Space Marine Veteran Sergeant

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Ultramarines Veteran Sergeant[1]

A Veteran Sergeant is a Space Marine who has fought in thousands of campaigns and has proven himself worthy of command many times in battle. A Veteran Sergeant's rank is similar to a Sergeant of the Space Marines. Veteran Sergeants are, on the whole, Sergeants who have been in battle on more than many occasions, thus having gained sufficient experience to be given the special title. A Veteran Sergeant could also be a Sergeant of the 1st Company.[4]

Veteran Primaris Space Marine Sergeant[3]

Armour and Markings

Veteran Sergeants are usually given relic weapons and armour of the Chapter Armoury to carry into battle, though a Techmarine expects them to return it safely. Also, Veteran Sergeants of the 1st Company have a red in colour helmet with a white stripe from the back to the forehead.[Needs Citation]


It is not odd for a Veteran Sergeant to be promoted to wear Tactical Dreadnought Armour if he does a heroic act in battle. If the deed is very great, the Veteran Sergeant may instead be promoted to replace a deceased Space Marine Captain.[4]

Famous Veteran Sergeants