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Space Wolves Armoury

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This is a list of Space Wolves- specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard wargear).


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Source
Ajaxis Wolf Blade Power Sword [8]
Allslayer Hammer Missile Launcher [8]
Armageddon Rig Cyclone Missile Launcher [8]
Asaheim Ice Slayer Plasma Pistol [8]
Asaheim Ice-Taker Cyclone Missile Launcher [8]
Asaheim Ring Fist Power Fist [8]
Banisvatr Power Axe
Battlesmith Hale Meltagun [8]
Bearwolf Talons Lightning Claws [8]
Bite of Fenris Bolter
Black Inferno Inferno Pistol [8]
Blackmane's Knife Combat Knife [8]
Blazing Fury Hand Flamer [8]
Blazing Mercy Hand Flamer [8]
Bloodclaw Sword Chainsword [8]
Boulder Cutter Chainfist [8]
Burning Claws Lightning Claws Dark age relic discovered during the Great Crusade [17]
Chill Blade Combat Knife [8]
Coldfire Combi-Plasma [8]
Cold Flame Hand Flamer [8]
Companion's Blade [14]
Deathwind Cyclone Missile Launcher [8]
Deathwolf's Axe Chainaxe [8]
Doombringer Thunder Hammer Wielded by Haakon Draugrsbane [7]
Dragon Breath Multi-Melta [8]
Dragongaze Sniper Rifle [8]
Durfast's Fire Flamer [8]
Einar's Crafted Bolter Wielded by the Grey Hunter Einar [8]
Emperor's Tear Bolter [8]
Fangsword of the Ice Wolf Power Sword
Fell Hand Power Fist [8]
The Fell-Hand Forst Claw Wielded by Geigor Fell-Hand
Fell-Handed's Pet Assault Cannon [8]
Fenrisian Axe Axe
Fenrisian Great Axe Power Axe Carried by Dreadnoughts
Fenrisian Howl Combi-Melta [8]
Fenrisian Redclaw Heavy Bolter [8]
Fenrisian Shard Combat Knife [8]
Fenrisian Thunder Missile Launcher [8]
Fierce-Eye Sniper Rifle [8]
Firefang Chainsword Wielded by the Sven Bloodhowl [9a]
Fireheart Plasma Pistol
Firestorm Cyclone Missile Launcher [8]
Flesh Reaper Chainsword [8]
Foehammer Thunder Hammer Wielded by Arjac Rockfist [1d]
Foe Slayer Chainsword [8]
Frostclaw Frost Axe Wielded by the Sven Bloodhowl [9a]
Frostclaws Wielded by Wulfen
Frost Blade Chainsword [1f]
Frost Axe Chain weapon [1f]
Frost Lens Sniper Rifle [8]
Frostfang Frost Blade Wielded by Ragnar Blackmane [Needs Citation]
Frostfury Storm Bolter
Frostheim Heart Power Maul [8]
Gauntlet of Ages Powerfist [8]
Glacius Frost Axe Wielded by the Harald Deathwolf [9b]
Gold Fang Storm Bolter [8]
Goliath-Killer Plasma Gun [8]
Great Frost Axe
Great Wolf Claw Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon
Grimblood's Fist Power Fist [8]
Grimblood's Tri-Rig Heavy Flamer [8]
Grimnar's Bark Storm Bolter [8]
Hand Kracker Plasma Pistol [8]
Harald's Anvil Cyclone Missile Launcher Wielded by the Wolf Guard Harald [8]
Harald's Ram Thunder Hammer Wielded by the Wolf Guard Harald [8]
Harness Cutter Grav-Pistol [8]
Hearth-Splitter Power Axe Wielded by Hvarl Red-Blade
Heimdall's Jaw Chainaxe [8]
Heimdall's Spear Lascannon [8]
Heimdall's Star Power Spear [8]
Helfrost Destructor Helfrost Weapon Used by Stormfang Gunships
Helfrost Cannon Helfrost Weapon
Helfrost Pistol Helfrost Weapon
Helwinter Frost Axe Wielded by Leman Russ
Heretic's Bane Plasma Pistol [8]
Hivefleet-Bane Lightning Claws [8]
Hulk Hunter Assault Cannon [8]
Hunter's Plough Shotgun [8]
Ice Carver Chainfist [8]
Ice Tang Combat Knife [8]
Icetooth Bolt Pistol [8]
Invincible Thunder Hammer [8]
Iron-Forged Chainsword [8]
Iron Priest Blessed Plasma Gun [8]
Jackal Wolf's Spite Plasma Pistol [8]
Kai's Blazer Hand Flamer Wielded by the Grey Hunter Kai [8]
Kai's Crafted Chainaxe Wielded by the Grey Hunter Kai [8]
Kai's Finest Flamer Wielded by the Grey Hunter Kai [8]
Kai's Trusted Combi-Flamer Wielded by the Grey Hunter Kai [8]
Korthite Cluster Missile Launcher [8]
Kraken-Bane Power Axe [8]
Kraken Launcher Missile Launcher [8]
Krakenbone Sword Sword
Krakenmaw Chainsword Wielded by Leman Russ
Krakentooth Frost Blade [8]
Leviathan-Bane Thunder Hammer [8]
Lightbringer Power Axe
Little Howl Bolt Pistol [8]
The Long Fang Power Spear [8]
Long Fang's Kiss Autocannon [8]
Lunar Claw Power Spear [8]
Lupio Fletus Grav-Gun [8]
Magma Emitter Multi-Melta [8]
Mjalnar Frostblade Wielded by Leman Russ
Mjalnar Thunder Hammer [8]
Morkai Power Axe Wielded by Logan Grimnar [1e]
Morkai's Claws Lightning Claws
Morkai's Teeth Bolts Bolter rounds [14]
Mortido Grav-Gun [8]
Omega Cannon Multi-Melta [8]
Paired Wolf-Bane Lightning Claws [8]
Pelt-Scourer Autocannon [8]
Priest Rune Blade Chainsword [8]
Promethium Wave Heavy Flamer [8]
Ragnar's Bolter Bolter [8]
Ranulf's Intact Grav Pistol [8]
Ray's Crafted Lascannon Wielded by the Grey Hunter Ray [8]
Ray's Finest Missile Launcher Wielded by the Grey Hunter Ray [8]
Ray's Trusted Chainsword Wielded by the Grey Hunter Ray [8]
Red Axe's Son Power Axe [8]
Rockfist Hammer Thunder Hammer [8]
Rune Staff Runic Weapon Used by Rune Priests [1c]
The Rune Staff Stormcaller Rune Staff Wielded by Njal Stormcaller [6c]
Runic Axe Runic Weapon Used by Rune Priests
Runic Sword Runic Weapon Used by Rune Priests
Scornspitter Combi-Bolter Wielded by Leman Russ
Scout Pack Master Sniper Rifle [8]
Serpent's Maw Chainfist [8]
Serpent Slicers Lightning Claws [8]
Siege Breaker Multi-Melta [8]
Singulator Combi-Grav [8]
Sky Warrior Blade Combat Knife [8]
Slashing Fury Lightning Claws [8]
Sol's Heart Multi-Melta [8]
Sol Lunar Alpha Heavy Flamer [8]
Spear of Russ Spear/Relic [2]
Spell-Stealer Power Sword [8]
Star-Fang Knife Combat Knife [8]
Storm-Forged Power Sword [8]
Stormfrag Auto-Launcher Grenade Launcher Weapon of Wulfens [12]
Stormsong Stalker Bolter [14]
Stub-Nosed Barker Bolt Pistol [8]
Summoner-Forged Power Sword [8]
Svengar's Snarl Plasma Gun [8]
Swiftclaw Blade Combat Knife [8]
Sword of Russ Power Sword [8]
Syn Wolf-Forged Power Sword [8]
Teeth of the Blizzard Frost Blade [4b]
Telisham Blades Lightning Claws [8]
Tempest's Fingers Lightning Claws [8]
Terran Hell Fire Plasma Cannon [8]
Thousand Shards Power Sword [8]
Titan's Burner Heavy Flamer [8]
Traitor's Doom Bolt Pistol [8]
Tri-Plex Alpha Combi-Melta [8]
Tri-Plex Delta Sniper Rifle [8]
Twin Maws Storm Bolter [8]
Twin-Wolf Launcher Missile Launcher [8]
Void-Cracker Frost Blade [8]
White Slayer Plasma Gun [8]
Wolf's Fellow Plasma Gun [8]
Wolfborn's Claws Lightning Claws [8]
Wolf Brothers Power Axe [8]
Wolf Claw Lightning Claw [8]
Wolf Grip Bolt Pistol [8]
Wyrmclaw Frost Axe Wielded by Krom Dragongaze [13]
Yimiria Stasis Bomb Grenade
Yngvar's Finest Sniper Rifle Wielded by the Wolf Scout Yngvar [8]
Yngvar's Hunter Combat Knife Wielded by the Wolf Scout Yngvar [8]
Yngvar's Trusted Sniper Rifle Wielded by the Wolf Scout Yngvar [8]
Young King's Blade Frost Blade [8]
Wyrdbane Runic Blade [14]
Wyrmsplitter Power Axe [14]


Name Type Notes Source
Aether-rune Armour Armour Heresy-era [16]
Anvil Shield Shield Carried by Arjac Rockfist [1d]
Armour of Asvald Stormwrack Armour
Armour of Russ Armour
Armour Elavagar Artificer Armour
Blizzard Shield Shield Carried by Dreadnoughts
Ceramite Wall Storm Shield [8]
Dragonscale Storm Shield [8]
Fenris-Pattern Wolf Helm Armour [4a]
Great Wolf Pelt Cape [5c]
Harald's Shield Storm Shield Used by the Wolf Guard Harald [8]
Helm of Durfast Helm
The Hood of Gnyrll Psychic Hood Worn by Rune Priests [6a]
Ironclaw-Breaker Storm Shield [8]
Mantle of the Fallen Wolf Cape [5d]
Mountain-Breaker Helm Helm [14]
Pelt of Balewolf Mantle [11]
The Pelt of Wulfen Cape [6b]
Raiment of the Silent Wolf Armour Used by Wolf Scouts [5a]
Runic Armour Power Armour [1g]
Wolf Helm of Russ Helm/Relic Worn by Ulrik [3]
Wolf Skull Helm Helm Used by Wolf Priests [5b]


Name Notes Source
Fenrisian Wolf [5f]

Equipment, Relics and Artefacts

Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Source
Belt of Russ Belt Incorporates a powerful Conversion field generator, similar to a Rosarius. [1h]
Blacksnow Charm Charm [4]
Cup of Wulfen Chalice Used in initiation rituals [1a]
Fang of Morkai Reductor Used by Wolf Priests [1b]
Fellclaw's Teeth Necklace
Healing Balm Healing potion
The Magnir Runes Runes Used by Rune Priests [5e]
Pelt of the Balewolf Pelt
Talisman of Storms [14]
Wolf Amulet Rosarius Used by Wolf Priests [1b]
Wolf Tail Talisman Charm Protects against psyker attacks. [1g]
Wolf Tooth Necklace Charm Awarded for exceptional close combat abilities. [1g]
Wulfen Stone Gem It has been worked into a suit of Power Armour [10]
Wyrdmaker's Helm Helmet [15]

Specialized Vehicles

'Specialized Vehicle
Name Type Image Source
Land Raider Wrath of Mjalnar Heavy Tank
Stormfang Gunship
Stormwolf Assault Ship
Stormrider Grav-Chariot
Wulfen Dreadnought Dreadnought

Psychic Abilities

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