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Speaker for the Chartist Captains

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The Speaker for the Chartist Captains is the representative of the Chartist Captains of the Merchant Fleets of the Imperium.[3]

Representing powerful merchant guilds which are key players in the Imperial economy and shipping lanes, the Chartist Captains have tremendous influence and thus the Speaker is often a member of the High Lords of Terra.[1][2] As they command nearly 90% of the Imperial Fleet, in times of heavy war the Speaker's power potentially eclipses even the Lord High Admiral of the Imperial Navy.[3] The Speaker is one of the wealthiest sole individuals in the Imperium, dwelling in the oppulant Nexus Axiomatic complex on Terra. The Speaker also commands the Praeses Mercatura, the armed wing of the Merchant Fleets.[4]

Known Speakers


Members of the High Lords of Terra
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