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Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:First steps

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Click on "Edit" near the top of the page. When the editing page loads, you may also want to open [[Help:EditingGuide to Article Writing|Editing Help]] (a link is located below the editing pane).
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A new page loads showing all the content of the ''Immaterium'', now capable of being modified.
<small>You'll probably notice several strange symbols, mostly short words in square brackets - [ and ] - or in angle brackets - &lt; and &gt;. These are "tags" that help to format the article to make it easier to read or to add certain special functions. The square-bracketed tags are MediaWiki tags (the basics are explained at [[Help:EditingGuide to Article Writing|Editing Help]]) and the angle-bracketed tags are simple HTML.</small>
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