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Gal'leath Class Battleship

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#redirect [[Image: Hero Class.jpg |thumb|right|Lar'shi Class.]][[Category:Fleet (Tau Battleship)]][[Category:Naval Vessels]] The '''Gal'leath''' class battleship (known as the '''Explorer''' among the Imperials) was the first major interstellar vessel developed by the Tau. Compared to the average speed of an Imperial ship in the warp, the '''Explorer''' could barely approach a fifth of this speed. It is also significantly less armed, and armoured, compared to most battleships. It does have a massive cargo capacity however and is much cheaper to produce than other ships of similar tonnage. Indeed, it was only the advent of war with the [[Orks]] that finally made the Tau design an alternate vessel for interstellar combat, a role to which the Explorer is ill suited to undertake alone.<sup>1,2</sup>  == Configurations ==The Explorer has undergone many different refits and reconfigurations since its inception. The two most common that are stil active within the Kor'vattra are the Mk XXIII Vash'ya and the Mk XXIV Bor'kan configurations.<sup>1,2</sup>  === Vash'ya Configuration ===The more popular design incorporates a multi-arc prow Railgun battery, and the capacity to field eight squadrons of attack craft as well as escorts that do not have Gravitic Drives via its three Gravitic Hooks.  === Bor'kan Configuration ===This arrangement utilises two of the flight bays to house drone controllers, allowing the ship to use a Tau torpedoes.  {{Tau Navy}} [[Category:Fleet (Tau)]][[Category:Battleships]] == Sources ==*<sup>1</sup> Armada Appendices, page 100*<sup>2</sup> Games Workshop[http://www.gamesworkshop.com], Specialist Games, Resources, Tau Fleets

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