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'''Rippers''' are small, maggot-like species of [[Tyranid]]s which serve as the primary means of devouring bio-mass from a planet. They are the most numerous of Tyranid creatures, and in great swarms they can pull down and consume creatures many times their own size. However they are completely mindless and will perish if they lose a [[Synapse Creature|synaptic link]] with the [[Hive Mind]].<sup>1</sup>
During the final stages of a planetary invasion, they scour the entirety of a planet ingesting all biological material on the planet and leaving only an empty and desolate wasteland. Eventually, the Rippers will become bloated full of biomass, unfit for combat. At this point, they simply crawl into [[Reclamation Pool|reclamation pool]]s where they and the bio-mass they're ve fed upon are broken down and absorbed by the [[Hive Fleet]].<sup>1</sup>
==Ordo Xenos Classification==

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