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Gal'leath Class Battleship

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The '''Gal'leath''' class battleship (known as the '''Explorer''' among the Imperials) was the first major interstellar vessel developed by the [[Tau]]. Compared to the average speed of an [[Imperial]] ship in the warp, the Explorer could barely approach a fifth of this speed. It is also significantly less armed, and armoured, compared to most battleships. It does have a massive cargo capacity however and is much cheaper to produce than other ships of similar tonnage. Indeed, it was only the advent of war with the [[OrksOrk]] s that finally made the Tau design an alternate vessel for interstellar combat, a role to which the Explorer is ill suited to undertake alone.<sup>1,2</sup>
== Configurations ==
The Explorer has undergone many different refits and reconfigurations since its inception. The two most common that are stil still active within the [[Kor'vattra ]] are the Mk XXIII Vash'ya and the Mk XXIV Bor'kan configurations.<sup>1,2</sup>
=== Vash'ya Configuration ===
This arrangement utilises two of the flight bays to house drone controllers, allowing the ship to use Tau torpedoes.
{{Tau Navy}} [[Category:Fleet (Tau)]]==Notable Gal'leath Class Battleships==*[[Category:BattleshipsKessan|Dal'yth Gal'leath Kessan]]<sup>2</sup>
== Sources ==
*<sup>1</sup> [[Armada Appendices]], page 100
*<sup>2</sup> [http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?catId=cat1290319&categoryId=1100007&section=&aId=4300022 Battlefleet Gothic Resources: Tau Fleets] p100-101 (accessed 2010.11.26)
{{Tau Navy}}
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