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Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series)

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Sabbat Martyr
===Sabbat Martyr===
When a girl claims to be At the reincarnation request of the reincarnated Saint Sabbat, Gaunt and the Tanith First-Andand-Only must form is summoned to the defence remote and tactically insignificant world Herodor. The Civitas Beati, a holy city dedicated to the Saint, is under assault from a legion of Blood Pact, led by Enok Innokenti. While the Ghosts prepare to defend the city alongside the local PDF force, Gaunt learns the truth of the situation: the woman posing as the reincarnated Saint is Sanian, an esholi whom the Ghosts encountered on Hagia. Utterly convinced that she is Sabbat, Sanian has clearly lost her mind. Lord-General Lugo - whose career has been unstable since his disgrace at Hagia - plans to use her as propaganda, and does not care that she is an imposter; he believes that he will be forever remembered as the man responsible for a miracle in the Sabbat Worlds. As far as untold thousands of pilgrims, Imperial and archenemy troops are concerned, Sanian is the true Saint. However, things take a strange turn when Sanian actually does become the host for the Saint's spirit, after Sabbat's true incarnation perishes in the assault. Innokenti deploys nine specialist assassins to the Civitas Beati under the cover of the invasion. Their purpose: kill the Saint and shatter the forces morale of the Imperials. With the Imperial fleet all but destroyed and surrounded by an enemy who has multiple advantages over them, the Ghosts face one of Chaos send their deadliest assassins most daunting challenges yet. The title Sabbat Martyr is a reference to kill the psychic message experienced by a number of Ghosts in Honour Guard. Ultimately, it is Corbec who becomes a martyr in Sabbat's name, as he gives his life defending herfrom the final assassin.
==The Lost==

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