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Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum:First steps

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! width="10%" | SchrittStep
! width="45%" | What to do
! width="45%" | What Happens
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You will see a link to the article [[Angron]]. If this page already exists, clicking on the link will take you to that article. If not, you will be taken to an editing window to add text to the article when you click on it.|----- valign="top"| valign="center" align="center" | <br><font size=+2>'''2'''</font><br>&nbsp; | style="padding:3px" | If you would like the link text to differ from the article, add a "pipe" (looks like '|') after the name of the article and then type in the text you would like to be displayed. For example, <nowiki>[[Angron|World Eaters Primarch]]</nowiki>| style="padding:3px;padding-left:5px" | You will see a link to the article [[Angron]], but it will look like this: [[Angron|World Eaters Primarch]].|----- valign="top"| valign="center" align="center" | <br><font size=+2>'''3'''</font><br>&nbsp; | style="padding:3px" | The "pipe" as described above is also useful on its own. If you just add the pipe after an article name, it will automatically remove its namespace and any words in parentheses afterwards. For example, try typing <nowiki>[[Leman Russ (primarch)|]] and [[Category:Space Marine Legions|]]</nowiki>.| style="padding:3px;padding-left:5px" | You will see link to the articles [[Leman Russ (primarch)]] and [[:Category:Space Marine Legions]] but they will look like this: [[Leman Russ (primarch)|Leman Russ]] and [[:Category:Space Marine Legions|Space Marine Legions]].|}
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