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Ravener Alpha

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[[Image:Tyraveneralpha.jpg|thumb|300px|right|A Ravener Alpha]]
The '''Ravener Alpha''' is a member of the [[Ravener]] genus of [[Tyranid]], engineered for fast surprise assaults and the leading of the surrounding swarm.

Greater in strength, resilience and intelligence than its more common counterpart the [[Ravener]], it's main purpose is tunneling under enemy lines to open up strategic tunnels for other elements of the swarm to use.<sup>1</sup> With biomorphs almost rivaling those of the larger [[Synapse creature|Synapse creatures]],<sup>2</sup> it fulfills a battlefield role similar to the [Tyranid Prime]. It is also the only variant of the Ravener capable of [[Synapse|Synaptic support]].<sup>3</sup>

==Basic Info==

{|align=center border="0" style="background:#777777;margin-center:8px; text-size:95%; border:1px solid #202020;" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"
|style=background:#4F4F4F colspan=2 align=center|'''Ordo Xenos<br>Departmento Analyticus Record'''
|Ravener Alpha
|'''First encountered'''
|Subterranean assault/Leader
|'''Threat evaluation'''
|'''Main Weaponry'''
|Fangs and claws
|'''Secondary Weaponry'''
|'''Tertiary Weaponry'''
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==Related Articles==
*[[Species of Tyranid]]

*<sup>1</sup>: [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II]]
*<sup>2</sup>: [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II]]: Ravener Alpha upgrades
*<sup>3</sup>: [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II]]: "Synapse Aura"
*<sup>3</sup>: [[Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II]]: "Corrosive Devourer"

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