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The [[Necron]]s are a ruthless race with no concern for anything other than destruction. They combine deadly firepower with terrifying close combat power. They also make use of a heavily armed and armoured vehicle known as the [[Monolith]] which is made from their living metal and is very difficult to stop. They rely on deadly, rapid attacks, making use of skimmers with heavy weapons and rapid firing weapons to encircle and eradicate the enemy. The move with an implacable force, bringing fright to almost anything that stands in their way.
*[[Necron Dynasty]]
**[[List of Dynasties|List of Necron Dynasties]]
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The [[C'tan]] are the race of god like figures ruling over the Necrons. They were originally space faring creatures, as old as the universe itself. They leached off of the stars throughout the galaxy and were eventually discovered by the ancient Necrontyr. They were brought to this realm and placed within their [[Necrodermis]], morphable suits of [[living metal]]. Their appetite quickly changed to consuming life, a much more appetising appetizing substance. Eventually, they turned the Necrontyr into the Necrons in their quest to consume the galaxy. In the end however the C'tan were defeated in an uprising led by [[Szarekh]], the Silent King, who cast them into [[C'tan Shard|shards]].

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