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[[Image:Tyranid Rippers2RippersArt.jpg|thumb|right|400px300px|A Tyranid Ripper swarm devouring a [[Guardsman]]{{Fn|1}}Swarm]]
'''Rippers''' are small, maggot-like species of [[Tyranid]]s which serve as the primary means of devouring bio-mass and the genetic imprint of a planet.{{Fn|3}}
<:{| border="0" cellpadding="3" align="center>" style="border-collapse:collapse" valign="top"<gallery>!colspan=9 ||----| [[Image:Ripper.jpg|thumb|center|Ripper Swarm]]| [[Image:Tyranid Ripper.jpg|thumb|center|Ripper Swarm ([[Forge World]])]]| [[Image:Ripper wings.jpg|thumb|center|Sky-slasher Swarm ([[Forge World]])]]| [[Image:Tyranid Rippers2.jpg|thumb|center|200px|A Tyranid Ripper swarm devouring a [[Guardsman]]{{Fn|1}}]]</gallery>|}</center>
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