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Gaunt's Ghosts (Novel Series)

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Short Stories
=== Collected in [[Sabbat Worlds (Anthology)]] ===
*''Apostle's Creed'' by [[Graham McNeill]]
*''The Headstone and the Hammerstone Kings'' by [[Matthew Farrer]]
*''Regicide'' by [[Aaron Dembski-Bowden]]
*''The Iron Star'' by [[Dan Abnett]]
*''Cell'' by [[Nik Vincent]]
*''Blueblood'' by [[Nick Kyme]]
*''A Good Man'' by [[Sandy Mitchell]]
*''Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities'' by '''Dan Abnett'''
=== Collected in [[Sabbat Crusade (Anthology)]] ===
*''The Blood Bound'' by [[Rob Sanders]]
*''Tempest'' by [[Nick Kyme]]
*''The Deeper Wounds'' by [[David Annandale]]
*''Arnogaur'' by [[Aaron Dembski-Bowden]]
*''The Inheritor King'' by [[Matthew Farrer]]
*''The Fissure'' by [[Nik Vincent]]
*''A Ghost Return'' by [[Dan Abnett]]
=== Other Short Stories ===
''In Remembrance'' by [[Dan Abnett]] - collected in '''The Founding''' (Omnibus)
== Chronology ==

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