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The Comet

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'''{{PAGENAME}}The Comet''' is a name given to an artificial comet within the [[Sol System]]. Built from unknown origins during the [[Dark Age of Technology]], the structure orbits the Sol System and appears over [[Terra]] every thousand years. During one such appearance over Terra, the [[Unification Wars]] were coming to an end and the [[Emperor]] decided to intercept The Comet and modify it as a shrine for his victory.{{Fn|1}}
Subsequently during the [[Great Crusade]], the [[Word Bearers]] built a shrine to worship the Emperor on the structure. After the Word Bearers were reprimanded at [[Monarchia]], [[Sor Talgron]] was secretly charged by [[Lorgar]] to dismantle the shrine, though in truth this was just a cover story to conceal his sabotage of the [[Imperial Palace]].{{Fn|1}}
*{{Endn|1}}: [[The Purge (Novella)]] Chapter 4
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[[Category:Segmentum Solar]]

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