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The divinations performed by Prognosticars are extremely taxing and result in their body aging at an accelerated rate. Initiates with the potential to become Prognosticars are very rare. For instance, during the [[First War for Armageddon]], only a single Prognosticar, [[Torcrith]], served the order. This may have contributed to the Grey Knights' relatively late realisation of the daemonic incursion.{{Fn|2a}} Several years after the war, [[Hyperion]] - who himself had been considered a potential recruit for the Prognosticars but had been discarded because of his lack of focus - became a new Prognosticar. When Torcrith died a few years later Hyperion in turn became the only Prognosticar.{{Fn|2b}}
==Notable Prognosticars==
*[[Lushian Adantor]]{{Fn|3}}
**{{Endn|2a}}: Part One, Chapters Twelve, Thirteen
**{{Endn|2b}}: Chapter "X"
*{{Endn|3}}: [https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/12/23/psychic-awakening-the-piercing-eyes/ Warhammer Community: Psychic Awakening: The Piercing Eyes (Posted 23/12/2019)] (Last accessed on 23 December 2019)
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