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Telepathic beacon

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A '''Telepathic beacon''' is a type of implant that has been developed by the [[Imperium]] and is sometimes used by [[Inquisitors]]. Once placed within the mind of an individual, it allows the user to broadcast their thoughts, thus giving them access to the [[Wyrd]] as well as providing them with the use of telepathy. A danger from its use, however, is that sometimes the beacon leads to its user suffering from a damaging feedback pulse that can stun them.{{Fn|1}}
*{{Endn|1}}: [http://web.archive.org/web/20130729085727/http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/contentMEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/articlem1320032_Thorian_Sourcebook.jsp?catId=cat1290321&categoryId=1100009&section=&aId=4900004 The Thorianspdf Thorian Faction Sourcebook] , ''(Saved archive page, dated July 2013, last accessed 24 February 2020)'' by [[Gav Thorpe]], pg. 33
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