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Storm of Damocles (Novel)

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'''''Storm of Damocles''''' is a novel published by [[Black Library (BL Publishing)]]. It is part of the [[Space Marine Battles (Novel Series) | Space Marine Battles]] series.
== Cover Description ==As the war in the [[Damocles Gulf]] continues to rage between the [[Imperium]] and the [[Tau Empire]], the alien-hunting [[Deathwatch]] discover the existence of an enemy weapon that could tip the balance of the conflict against them. The deadly [[Stormsurge]] is the apex of alien tau technology, capable of destroying even the mighty [[Titans]] of the Imperium. Though the Deathwatch has located the threat, they alone cannot vanquish it and one of their numbers must call upon his erstwhile brothers in the [[White Scars]] [[Chapter ]] for aid, an alliance that will stretch the bonds of brotherhood to their very limit. ==See also==*[[List of Novels]]
*[https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-40000/novels/storm-of-damocles-ebook.html Black Library]
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