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Centurio Ordinatus

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The '''Centurio Ordinatus''' is a military agency of the [[Adeptus Mechanicus]] which oversees the construction, maintenance, and deployment of massive [[Ordinatus]] engines.{{Fn|1}}{{Fn|2}}
Rather than falling under the control of specific [[Titan]] or [[Skitarii]] Legions, all Ordinatus engines instead fall under the control of the Centurio Ordinatus and its commander, the '''Lord of the Centurion Ordinatus'''. The Centurio decides where and when these machines are deployed, if at all, since many of them are so ancient they require much preparation to go to war. When not in use Ordinatus are carefully maintained and are worshiped religiously by the [[Cult Mechanicus]].Their crews are some of the most highly trained in the military forces of the Mechanicum, and they are only deployed to the most important campaigns.{{Fn|2}}

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