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|align="right"|[[Image:Tyranid_Ripper.jpg|thumb|right|Tyranid Ripper swarm model from [[Forge World]].]]
 '''Rippers''' are a small, slug-like [[species of Tyranid]] used in [[Tyranid]] planetary invasions to consume all the biological they can. They are completely instinctual creatures, grouped into swarms which traverse the planet during the final stages of an invasion, ingesting all biological material on the planet as part of the whole Tyranid consumption process. In the final phases of a [[Tyranid]] invasion, billions of '''Rippers''' are released over the planet. They move across its surface multiplying and consuming everythingevery living thing, leaving an empty and desolate wasteland. Eventually They are highly ravenous and in great numbers they can pull down and consume creatures many times their own size. Swarms can act independently, but within a [[Synapse Creature]]'s proximity of the control they are reabsorbed by under the will of the Fleet's [[Hive fleetMind]] and their biomass is can be used to create more complex creaturesin battle. They show surprising mutability. It is speculated that Rippers are energetic and persistenta larval form of Tyranid. Eventually, their small swarms quite capable the Rippers will become bloated full of pulling down creatures many times biomass, unfit for combat. At this point, they simply crawl into the [[reclamation pool]]s and to their own sizedemise.
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|Specied Species Name
|Minoris Omniphagea
|Secondary Weaponry
|DNA reclaimationreclamation
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*[[Imperial Armour Volume Four - The Anphelion Project]]
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