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Pete Haines

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'''Pete Haines''' is an employee of [[Games Workshop]] and has helped design and worked on many Codices. ==Projects==*[[Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition Rulebook]]*[[Codex: Witch Hunters (3rd Edition)]]*[[Codex: Necrons (3rd Edition)]]*[[Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition)#2nd Codex|Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)]]*[[Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition)#2nd Codex|Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex)]]*[[Warhammer 40,000 4th Edition Rulebook]]*[[Codex: Eldar (4th Edition)]]*[[Index Astartes]] I-IV REDIRECT [[Category:EmployeesGame Designers]]

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