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|Title=The Ancient Past
|Box Content=
[[Necrontyr|The Necrontyr]] were once the race of flesh and blood people who now reside within the cold, hard shells of the Necrons. They were an amazingly advanced race who mastered the cold art of science in their persuit pursuit of a way to overcome their ravaging sun. They turned their attention to the study of the star and eventually found what later became the C'tan. From the moment the first C'tan appeared from over the Starlight Bridge, their fate was sealed, to become servent warriors in their quest to consume all life in the galaxy.
|Title=The Weapons of Doom
|Box Content=
The Necrons are armed with devistating devastating gauss weapons that strip the molecules from the very surface of the skin/armour, killing fairly slowly before moving onto the next target. Because of their nature, even the most basic Necron weapon can penetrate the thickest armour, although it is less likely the thicker the armour. They also use non-gauss weapons that are equally deadly and wielded by the strongest of their forces. These are analysed in the [[Necron Armoury]].

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